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Our wonderful photographer Ishanka always takes such gorgeous images of our performers.

We can't wait for you to see them! 

A lovely gift for family members or proud memories for our performers to keep forever.

 Photos are made available in digital format, so you can easily download, store or even get them printed in any size or way you choose ( maybe get your little superstar printed onto a tshirt or mug....?) 


Selection of 5 Pocket Rockets Show Photos of your choice in file format:


Low res Samples will be sent out mid January, for you to choose from.


  Once your images are chosen - High Res Images will be available to download from 'Googledrive' within 48 hrs of order. 


Each image will be individually edited. 

Images may be used for personal use only - it is requested that Ishanka be photo credited if you post any images to social media (and of course only post images of your own child): 

Instagram: @clicks_by_ishi  

Facebook: Ishanka Peiris Photography


Show Photos Package

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