Selection of Pocket Rockets Show Photos in file format:


  • At least three images of the group performing on stage
  • At least two group shot images (taken prior to the show or during intermission)
  • Finale images



  Images will be available to download from 'Googledrive' approx 3-4wks after the show, through until the end of July 2022.


Each image will be individually edited. 

Images may be used for personal use only - it is requested that Ishanka to be photo credited if you post any images to social media (and of course only post images of your own child): 

Instagram: @clicks_by_ishi  

Facebook: Ishanka Peiris Photography




Additional group: $10 (each additional group) - please use the appropriate coupon code below when completing checkout

seconddance     (2 groups)

thirddance          (3 groups)

fourthdance        (4 groups)

Show Photos Package