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May 1, 2013


All dancers should...

Come to every class with a water bottle.

Wear comfortable clothing they can move in.

Sneakers or bare feet for Hiphop.

Jazz or Ballet slippers or barefeet for Jazz.


Family observers to keep voices to a whisper in the hall, so as not to distract young POCKET ROCKETS in class

Family & friends encouraged to join us for Musical statues and Jams at the end of class!


Our POCKET ROCKETS RULES as created by you:



Follow instructions,

Respect each other,

One person talking at a time,

Keep your hands to yourself (unless we are working in partners/groups in dance)

Bring a drink bottle,

Respect our space - No food in the hall (due to allergies in the school)

most importantly.....HAVE FUN!



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May 1, 2013

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